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At Industrial Wellness Rehab,Inc., our wellness program is designed to decrease recordable injuries, workers compensation claims, injury costs and lost time. We do this through prevention and proactive treatment when injuries occur. We maintain the ability to mold and meet the criteria of each unique job setting.

Preventive Education

We offer a personalized approach to helping employers offer Preventative Education services to their employees:

  • Ergonomic assessments of workspace to identify any aggravating factors.
  • Provide ergonomic adjustments to address and decrease stressors that may lead to an injury.
  • Provide advisement on areas of concern through job coaching.
  • Perform pre-work stretching programs to reduce injury rate.

Research has proven that companies who implement stretching programs, saw a decrease in muscular injuries by 50%, a decrease in OSHA recordable injuries by 48.7%, and a decrease in OSHA lost work days by 60.8%.

Proactive Injury Treatment

If an injury does occur, we are able to provide immediate treatment under OSHA’s guidelines to reduce risk of further medical involvement. Early treatment is integral for preventing injuries from progressing into a recordable claim. Included is a short duration, non-recordable treatment that includes hands on massage and modalities provided by two licensed therapists certified in Active Release Technique of the spine. Without the waiting period between injury and treatment we are able to reduce the injury length and lost time.